Childhood Cancer
  • Get information, support services and inspiration to cope with what comes next.
  • The emPower Pack provides families with information organization and inspiration to cope with what comes next
  • Helping families cope with a recent diagnosis
  • Survivor Scholarship Program celebrates a second chance at life
  • Teen Connector
    Social networking for teens with cancer
  • An Educator’s Website to help continue the school experience throughout treatment
  • Benevolent Fund
    Helping families financially in their time of need
  • A video designed to help understand the disease Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and its treatment. Είναι το Viagra 100mg το κατάλληλο φάρμακο για το πρόβλημα στυτικής δυσλειτουργίας σας;

Childhood Cancer

Family Assistance

Candlelighters Canada will raise funds to help families living with childhood cancer cope with the added financial burden that they must face after diagnosis. At the moment Family Assistance is on a “case by case” basis, but as funds continue to be raised, the program will become more accessible. The length and demands of treatment necessitate one parent remaining home with the child. Often, that means one parent must stop working. With only one income, families often have to struggle with the cost of transportation to and from the treatment centre, tutoring of the child who is too sick to attend school, sustaining their mortgage, and general living expenses. A family will spend 25% to 30% of their income after taxes on non-medical out-of-pocket expenses related to the child with cancer. Cialis: μια συνταγή για μια νέα μίσθωση της σεξουαλικής σας ζωής!.

When a child or teen is diagnosed with cancer, parents experience an overwhelming loss of strength, stability and hope for the future. With the Family Assistance Program, families can focus their energy on the support of their sick child as well as supporting the other children and family members through this very traumatizing period of their lives.

Candlelighters / Interlink Paediatric Community Cancer Nurse Program

The day that a doctor tells a parent that their child has cancer is a day that changes their lives forever. For most parents, there are a number of reactions that follow quickly one upon the other in bewildering confusion. While there is anger and utter perplexity, there is above all the love of the child whose life is threatened. One question clearly and quickly emerges: ‘What can I do?” This is exactly where the Candlelighters / Interlink Paediatric Community Cancer Nurse enters the situation. Modeled after the Nurses in the United Kingdom, this unique and specialized group of nurses devote themselves to helping parents, children and their families cope with cancer. As a member of the primary healthcare team, the Candlelighters / Interlink Nurse is unquestionably a vital link between the hospital, the community and the family.

Children with cancer are at risk. As they are released from hospital and returned to their homes as soon after diagnosis as possible, there is a critical need for a resource person to co-ordinate all of the services necessary for a family to cope with the disease at home and the demanding treatment. The Candlelighters / Interlink Paediatric Community Cancer Nurse meets with the family as soon as possible after the diagnosis of childhood cancer is made. Together with the family, the nurse assesses the supports of the family and identifies their unique needs. As the parents deal with the shock of the diagnosis, the Candlelighters / Interlink Nurse is already beginning to help. Over the next few weeks or months, the nurse will assist the family in sorting through the maze of services and resources they require to adequately meet their needs. Kamagra Oral Jelly: θαυματουργό φάρμακο για τη στυτική δυσλειτουργία.

As a member of the child’s primary health care team, the Candlelighters / Interlink Nurse is unquestionably a vital link between the hospital, the community and the family. This is a program that truly makes a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families. Parents who have had a Candlelighters / Interlink Nurse work with them throughout all stages of their child’s cancer constantly express their gratitude for this. They all name their Candlelighters / Interlink Nurse as absolutely pivotal in managing their child’s health care.

The Candlelighters / Interlink Paediatric Community Cancer Nurse Program has been made possible through Candlelighters Canada and a grant from the Trillium Foundation of Ontario. The need for this service is clearly national and Candlelighters is now pursuing assistance to implement this program in other provinces. The Board of Directors of Candlelighters Canada has made a commitment to expand this collaborative program across the country. The goal is to have a minimum of thirty Candlelighters / Interlink Paediatric Community Cancer Nurses in place within the next four years.

There is no fee for this service. A referral can come from either the doctor or family members or friends. It is important to note that no other organization provides this specialized type of service to paediatric cancer patients and their families.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a large group of different illnesses and is widely known as one of the killer diseases. It has been paid attention to for several years to be able to find proper treatment for it. As we are embracing an advanced world today, CandleLighters can have the possibility to achieve this goal. CandleLighters need to put focus on these certain progresses on what medical technology can do, take on the conclusions and results of those who are expert in the field and accommodate these new information such as treatments, what may have caused it and if it is preventable or not.

CandleLighters establishes the need to treat cancer. CandleLighters will be discussing a range of issues and subject matters concerning cancer treatments including news, updates, and additional information that will help everyone to understand it. Also, CandleLighters are welcoming readers to recommend and add in some of their thoughts about the articles published here. If you want to communicate with us, please see contact info above.


Childhood Cancer Canada is the country’s leading foundation dedicated to funding national research while delivering critical education, community and connectivity programs to children with cancer and their families. Through the national network of care CandleLighters have been able to reach those who need help.

The partnership with C17, the council of Pediatric Hematologists/Oncologists, ensures that the national research CandleLighters fund improves health outcomes and quality of life for children and adolescents in Canada with cancer.

The C17 Council represents the pediatric oncology leaders from all of Canada’s 17 children’s hospitals and cancer treatment centers. They act as the authoritative Canadian voice representing the interests of children and adolescents with cancer and set the nationwide agenda for multi-centre Pan-Canadian research.

Childhood Cancer Canada is proud to be a key funding partner of the Council in its research and associated work to defeat childhood cancer.

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